Off Your Feet. Off Your Chest.

Angry Chair brew is best enjoyed in your angry chair, your chair of reflection. The campaign gives the brand an identity, to break away from the monotony, the rat race, and the white-collar world. Showcasing Angry Chair as a great beer to help you reflect on a hard days work.

Print: 5 o'clock, it's the time to grab a beer and reflect on the day. For so many of people the events of their work day are still fresh on the mind.

Billboard, Placed throughout the Tampa area: Allowing workers who get stuck in rush hour traffic to think of a new way to reflect upon the work day. With an Angry Chair, in your angry chair.

Bar Coaster: Introducing the brewery to bar patriots, these coasters captures the tone of the Angry Chair with simple and relatable work scenarios and possibilities.  


Everybody’s working for the weekend, but sometimes your Friday can be a real b*tch. Whether it’s a last minute deadline, the cancellation of Hawaiian shirt Friday, or to hearing that you’re going to have to come into the work on a Saturday. OUCH! We know that we can’t take all the pain away, but we can at least give you a beer and comfy place to sit. 

We are saving the American Workforce, one tweet at a time. If you live in the Tampa/St. Pete area... 

@angrychair for a free beer.