Run Like a Human

Running, it's as natural as well you. So are you running in shoes that don't allow you to run as you naturally should. Maybe it's time to get a pair of Inov-8’s. Their minimal and light-weight design can allow you to run as you were naturally intended. 


30 second radio spot:

You don’t need pillow soles, gelled inserts, or air pumps that disconnect your from the ground. You don’t need some computer in your shoe to tell you what to do, where to go, or how you did. What you need is the mush between your ears and your favorite pair. Together you’ll find an open space to be free, an arena to call you battleground, and a mountain to concur. It’s time to take the next step.

Run like a Human, Inov-8.

Pressure-Washed Messages: The urban workout scene has been on the raise, and Inov-8 has been about of this movement since their founding in New Zealand. The idea: create motivational messages that will push the wearer to new heights and inspire those new to the brand to push themselves to try and also incorporate urban workouts into their routine.