Take Back Your Back

Life shouldn’t get in the way of your health. For many men back pain is a common and costly health condition. It's important for men to learn about this issue and the proper lifestyle to help prevent future back pain. Giving men the chance to take back their health.

Print Awareness: The way we live impacts our back, but sometimes guys don't realize that the simplest routines or body features can play a big roll in their back health. 

Print Informative: There are many simple steps that men can take to help prolong their back health, but usually are over looked or aren't even considered.


Website: TakeBackYourBack.com takes WebMD current back health information and presents it in a more understandable language and tone that doesn't sound like Doctor talk.

Pandora: Hit them where they work, these take overs will call out guys who have been sitting too long and provides them with a simple tip to get them out of their seat.

Digital Radio-05.jpg

Stretch Zone: More then just an area to stretch, it's a simple reminder to think about stretching after long seated periods. With placement in airports and highway rest stops.

Stretch Zone Billboard: Allow our audience to see rest stops as a stretch stop. 

Stretch Zone Airport: 4 hours on a plane with a two hour layover? Maybe it's time to realign.